Who are the artists behind 3Troubadours?

3Troubadours is a trilateral trio of performance storytellers from Finland, Norway and Belgium.
Markus Luukkonen – The Wanderer (Finland)
Markus is on the road. Walking from place to place, he carries his home and his stories on his back.
He finds stories, wisdom and humour wherever he goes, picks some of it up, keeps it awhile, changes it slightly, passes it on when the time is right. He stands firmly in the crossroads, eyes to the horizon, seeing which path to take.

He is the structure, the direction and the far-sightedness of 3Troubadours.

Markus studied performing arts in Helsinki and tells stories in clubs, theatres, galleries and festivals. He performs predominantly for adults and in his work he likes to mix personal stories, folktales and myths. He is a founder member of the Finnish Storytelling Association, Samova Storytelling.

More about Markus: www.tarinoidenmaailma.fi
Torgrim Mellum Stene – The Tower (Norway)
Torgrim can sometimes disappear from the world. Into a tower above the clouds. He sits there, meditating in silence, seeing the Earth from above and communicating with the spirits of the air. Inspired, he spins small jewels with his fingers, but can get totally lost if he’s not reminded to come down once in awhile. When he does, he loves to finally share the gems that he has found, marvelling at all their facets.

He is the details, the depth and the wonder of 3Troubadours.

Torgrim has worked as a professional storyteller since 2006 and is educated in The Art of Storytelling at the University College of Oslo. He makes performances primarily for adults, but also for children, usually mixing the personal, the historical and the mythical in his tales, including his own written material. He has entranced audiences across the globe with his stories, in countries as diverse as South Africa, Iran, Greece, Ireland and Russia. Torgrim often works together with other artist groups, like musicians and dancers. He has been a part of initiating several storytelling projects in Norway, among them Nordic StorySlam and the Moth-inspired ANDRE HISTORIER (True stories told live).

More about Torgrim: www.kloverknekten.no/en
Tom Van Outryve – The Fool (Belgium)
Tom lives in the moment. Always present, he sees things and people for what they are instantly and enthusiastically, and he can’t help but shouting his truth and his thoughts out like a happy jester. The world is a grand stage filled with life and Tom touches everyone he meets with joy and laughter, but he doesn’t pull punches either, speaking his mind no matter the consequences. He picks up stories quickly, but he doesn’t keep them for long. He handles them like hot juggling balls and has to pass them on immediately! Tom wears his feelings, his intentions and his flying colours proudly on his chest and has a good eye for the beauty of the moment.

He is the spark, the force and the connection of 3Troubadours.

Tom always worked as an educator until he was ready to become an independent storyteller and actor. As storyteller and actor, Tom works for several associations in the Flemish part of Belgium in Brussels and in the Netherlands. He also has some projects of his own, under the name Tom Vout. Thanks to his experience as educator and youth worker in combination with his passion for stories and theatre, Tom brings his stories for children and adults to life in his own interactive and dynamic way.

More about Tom: http://www.tomvout.be