We stand on the shoulders of giants. Each and every one of our ancestors has left a trace in us. To understand who we are and where we are going, we need to understand where we’ve come from. To dive into the lake, to climb the tree, to enter the cave. To look for the ROOTS of it all.

3Troubadours have dug far back into their individual family histories, the legends of their cultures and even their own DNA to find tales and memories of who we are and what we carry. With their signature humour, energetic performance and deep sense of wonder, the three performers will take you to places and times you’ve never been before.

ROOTS was developed throughout 2018 in a string of European residencies supported by Federation for European Storytelling / The Creative Europe Programme of the EU and The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme. The performance premiered the 24th of October that year at the Warsaw International Storytelling Festival and lasts for 75 minutes without break.

Since then, ROOTS has been performed in Oslo, Helsinki and at the following festivals:
Zwolle Unlimited in the Netherlands.
Sagobygdens Musik & Berättar-festival and Berättarfestivalen in Sweden.

ROOTS is based on and inspired by material from:
Personal stories and ancestral histories of the performers
The Poetic Edda
The myth of the Fisher King
Own texts